Featured Projects

“Brencal is very focused on customer satisfaction, and good about making a problem go away –and in a timely way. Very good to work with!”

Dean Cushman, Core Design

Wayne State University

  • •Removed complete interior of three floors for rebuild of high-end office space
  • •Server room installation for WSU Computer Science Department
    • •Existing insulation was discovered to be asbestos
    • •Caused a drastic change in schedule which resulted in partial floor and project turnover and commissioning
    • •Brencal successfully managed a complex project turnover
  • •On time deliveries and off-hour shutdowns were scheduled around a fully operational
  • •Historical building required salvaging of existing materials and preserving existing architectural building elements





General Motors Tech Center Global Architecture Studio

  • •Security, mechanical, and electrical upgrades to existing building
  • •Demolished over 100,000 SF light manufacturing facility for the rebuild of a clay vehicle design studio
  • •Multi-shift construction managed by Brencal
  • •Brencal’s self-perform division led the way with a demanding schedule
  • •GM Green construction initiative
    • •Over 99% of all construction waste avoided landfills
      • •Existing office furniture, acoustical ceiling, and flooring was carefully dismantled by Brencal’s Demolition crews and donated to local Habitat for Humanity for their benefit


General Motors Proving Emissions Lab Expansion

  • •Expansion of existing and working laboratory
  • •Installation of new hot and cold test chambers for full size vehicles
  • •Extensive span gas piping and new gas detection systems


General Motors Proving Grounds Building 42A

  • •Renovation of existing single story service building to create a state-of-the-art bio fuels laboratory
  • •Careful environmental practices and studies performed and executed during construction process





Pontiac Stamping Plant 14

  • •Design/Build project led by Brencal Contractors
  • •Construction of a new five-million gallon detention pond
  • •New construction of a 5,000 sf treatment building with capabilities of treating storm water at a rate up to 1,000 gallons per minute
    • •Entire treatment process commissioned to be one automated process
  • •Renovation of site wide storm water drainage system

Other Projects

Education (K-12 and Higher Education)

Oakland University NFH/SFH and O’Dowd Halls
J. Eppink Partners

Anchor Bay High School
TMP Associates, Inc.


Ford Motor Company Underbody Building Addition for Emission Lab at Pilot Plant


Holcim Storage Silos and Operations Building

National Steel Corporation Galvanizing Line
Hazama Corporation

Health Care

Children’s Hospital Emergency Department Renovations

Catherine McAuley Health Systems Ambulatory Services


Northwest Airlines GSE Refueling Triturator

DTW Main and West Delta Sky Clubs Renovations

DTW Midfield Terminal Energy Center

Water and Waste Water

New Haven Community Schools Waste Water Treatment Facility
Fanning Howey and Tetra Tech

City of Warren WWTP Disinfection System Improvements
Hubbell, Roth, & Clark, Inc.

Henry Ford Community College SME

  • •Major multi-floor office building renovation
  • •Demolition of existing HVAC systemInstallation of new roof top HVAC unit
  • •Required complete structural steel framing reconfiguration of existing roof
  • •Fast track schedule to accommodate a new tenant






MDOT Larned St Bridge

  • •Demolition of existing bridge decking and super structure
  • •All work completed over existing scenic walk way
    • •Walk way was reopened to the public at the end of each work week
  • •Installation of new bridge decking, structural steel, concrete super structure, electrical and fencing
    • •Rework and preservation of architectural concrete to historic building elements





Lafarge New Detroit Cement Terminal

  • •Major structural concrete foundations for new cement storage silo
  • •New shipping dock built to accommodate some of the world’s largest ships
  • •Intense safety measures in place while work was performed standing on sea wall overlooking the Detroit River
  • •Environmental concerns taken while excavating through and near contaminated soil sites





University of Michigan Maternal Child Health Care

  • •Multiple-floor renovation to working hospital
  • •Strategic off-hour shutdowns to accommodate ongoing medical services
  • •Careful scheduling procedures mandatory to work around specific hospital functions
  • •Extensive medical gas piping and HVAC work through hospital areas


Northwest Airlines De-Icing Facilities

  • •New construction of de-icing operations building and airplane ports
  • •Facility built in working airport runway and terminal
  • •Intense security efforts greatly affecting every aspect of construction and scheduling





City of Marysville WWTP

  • •Large renovation and additions to existing waste water treatment plant
    • •Plant remained in operation 24-hours-a-day during construction
  • •Critical scheduling throughout process while taking existing equipment out of service and simultaneously adding the new equipment into service
  • •Commissioning process had to be exact to ensure entire plant failure
  • •Work included a new two-million gallon SSO Basin, primary clarifier, trickling filters, renovation and addition to main operations building, and construction of  a new blower building